Blogging from PSFK London’s 2012 conference

I was lucky enough to be given a media pass to the PSFK London 2012 conference this month, which was at the South Bank Centre. It had a cracking, eclectic line-up, from artists to consultants who don’t like to call themselves consultants, to marketeers and creatives.

For those who follow trends in connected devices, the morning boasted a great string of speakers, the highlight of which was Matt Webb from Berg. Matt announced than Berg’s new product, Little Printer, now has an open API, meaning brands can now hook up with Little Printer themselves without having to secure a partnership deal the way Google and The Guardian had done, amongst others. Matt showed how you can hook your social web feeds to Little Printer to get timed print-outs of your activity. It’s a basic but very smart little gizmo.

Also in the morning, two creatives from Rockwell Group Lab showed off a web dashboard they have created as a dashboard for the internet of things. They explained how you can link sensors up to the web and create triggers back into the real world.

Lifehacker Dhani Sutanto demonstrated his modification of a London Underground Oyster Card, melting it down and creating an oyster ring that lets you into the tube, and a cycling jacket which senses if you want to turn left or right then illuminates your appropriate sleeve. Dhani was one of the more entertaining speakers of the day for me.

It’s the first time I’ve been to one of PSFK’s conferences, and I thought it was a great event for people looking for inspiration and innovation.

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