O2 Health launch Help at Hand

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We had the pleasure of being invited to the launch of the new O2 Health product this week, Help at Hand. The product aims to bring GPS and motion detection technology that runs over the O2 network and is connected to a manned 24/7 telecare service, aimed at people who, were it not for a device like this, would not feel confident enough to leave their own homes or live independently without care. The idea is that wearing this device, you trigger an alarm if you fall or if you leave a designated ‘safe zone’ set by you or your carer (like your neighbourhood for example) which gives peace of mind to the user and their carers.

O2 Help at Hand

The Help at Hand device

The launch event, held on Monday evening under wraps in Central London, was hosted by the creators of the new device and telecare system from O2, alongside healthcare professionals and users of the product. Other media guests included TelecareAware.com, Ovum, The Register and digital health bloggers. There were some very emotional stories told by speakers about how they and their loved ones have suffered at the hands of awful diseases – something that O2 is looking to address with Help at Hand.

The O2 Health spokespeople talked about Telefonica’s R&D division which spends a considerable amount of time developing innovations in the health space, and they alluded to more new innovations to come in this area in the near future.

Looking at some of the other connected body data and digital health devices on the market that track vital signs other than movement, such as body temperature, heart rate, blood pressure, or even weight, I am excited to see what will come next in this space and how the O2 Help at Hand device will go down with its target market.

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