Robert Scoble hits UK Newsnight talking wearable technology

“In a moment, how wearable technology could change our lives”

Scoble Newsnight

These were the opening words from Jeremy Paxman, host of BBC Newsnight tonight when introducing a segment on how new digital innovations in sensors and augmented reality can change our lives. Special guest, none other than Rackspace’s Robert Scoble (a chap I have long had a nerd crush on), appeared showcasing Google Glass, a technology which he has been trialling for some weeks now.

The segment on Newsnight focused heavily on Google Glass, but also the Nike Fuelband, Fitbit and Jawbone Up. Quantified Self was front and centre. Tech City was given a good share of air time, with one company, Appirio, talking about how it gave all staff quantified self gadgets to improve their work life balance.

As part of the final studio discussion about technology such as Google Glass in society, the good and the bad were discussed. Privacy intrusion and new opportunities. Watch out for the influx of these technologies many of which we have reviewed here on the Body Data site increasing in their adoption noce Google Glass begins further roll-out to consumers.

Quantified Self Newsnight

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