Write-up of London’s first Health Tech Forum

Drew Benvie London Tech Health Forum

Last night I was fortunate to have been invited to speak at London’s first Health Tech Forum. The event, which took place at the offices of law firm Covington & Burling, was intended to be a gathering of like minded individuals working in the health technology space, with a number of guest speakers talking about their own personal experiences. Speakers included Dr Vinod Achan, MedCrunch’s Ben Huebl and Charles Lowe, each of which were totally illuminating.

The event was a new experience for me. I chose the topic of quantified self and how brands are innovating in digital health. It felt like the whole room came from a different world to me to be honest – most of them were clinicians or health care services providers. Thankfully (luckily) my tangential perspective was a welcome one, especially it seemed on how digital is changing health from the bottom up (from employees and consumers investing in tech innovations)  as opposed to the top down (from organisations trying to sell into the NHS).

The one speaker who stole the show for me was Dr Vinod Achan, a supersmart Tech savvy heart surgeon who studied in Stanford. His talk, with vivid examples of innovation in heart surgery, drew breaths from the audience.

The speakers were awesome. The subject matter was somewhat alien to me , what little I could add to the debate was from personal experience though, and I think it was welcome. We all certainly seemed to have a good time chatting at least.

This will be an ongoing event now, and I’m hoping to be able to speak again. Thanks go out to the organiser, Silicon Valley deal maker Pronoy Saha. If you are interested in joining in next time, here is the link.

Picture courtesy of @mhealthinsight


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