Quantified Self panel at Social Media Week London

Quantified Self Social Media Week

Today I had the great pleasure of chairing a panel on the future implications of Quantified Self on society. The event was hosted in the ultra hi-tech Bloomberg HQ in London and was part of Social Media Week London. The event was part of a number of talks being put on by the CIPR to link in with its new book, Share This Too, in which I wrote the chapter on Quantified Self. I invited three esteemed panellists to join me, and as you can see from the video, they captivated the audience with glimpses of a future where computers are smaller than blood cells, patients get prescribed apps, and data makes us healthier as well as smarter.

Our panellists were Dr Vinod Achan, consultant cardiologist at Frimley Park Hospital NHS Foundation Trust, Stephen Davies, director at Ruder Finn, and David Clare, consultant at Hotwire. Take a look through the video if you’re interested, and skip to the good bits, when Vinod, Stephen and David to their talks. It’s well worth it.

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