PR Week looks at the commercial impact of Quantified Self for brands

PR Week Quantified Self

I had the privilege of being interviewed for a big PR Week feature on Quantified Self last month. It has since been published online, and looks at how brands, communications teams and agencies can take advantage of the QS movement. Here’s an excerpt:

Drew Benvie, founder of social media agency Battenhall, says: “The Quantified Self movement is really not that complex. It’s all about people logging details about their lives so that they can benefit in some way, by making improvements in their habits, diet, work life balance or something else.¬†Technological advancements have turned this cult phenomenon, which started in the US, into a global boom – from apps such as Lift and Moves, to gadgets like Jawbone Up, Fitbit, GoPro and Google Glass.

“The opportunity for brands now is to tap into the data the new wave of connected consumers are happy to broadcast so that they can learn more and engage. This is just another step in the evolution of PR into a broader, integrated comms function.”

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