Google homes in on Nest in a bid to connect the Internet of Things

Nest Labs

Late last night Google announced through a post on its Investor Relations website that it had acquired the Internet of Things company Nest Labs for a whopping $3.2bn. This is huge.

Nest makes the popular and cutting edge smart thermostat and smoke alarm products. They sense and learn about your home and also give you the ability to control your home through the web and on apps. Google’s intentions here are clear. It wants to make a move on the home and become the control room for our lives offline just like it has become the all seeing eye online.

The Internet of Things movement has long been heralded as a wave of innovation that will completely change the face of how we use the web. First coined by IBM’s Andy Stanford-Clark many years ago, the vision is now rapidly starting to become a reality. With smart data coming from our wrist bands, clothes, appliances around our home and anything else with an electric current, the opportunities for innovation are endless.

I for one am excited at the future possibilities that an open connected home will bring. Some have concerns at just how much Google may easily know about our offline lives in the future, but if you know how to control the world around you, you’ll be in a good place.

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